Dunster 3 Peaks


The weather today was a bit overcast and chilly but good walking weather. I was a bit limited for time so decided I was going to head to Dunster and do a brisk walk on the three hills surrounding the village.

I parked the car near the railway station and walked along the riverside walk where the birds were singing louder than usual. There were a lot of green finches in the trees beside the river and the sound was a wonderful start to my walk.

Once across the A39 (using the subway), I walked up to Conygar Tower and enjoyed the view with a cup of coffee from my flask before heading down to the village and over to Grabbist hill. There are lots of paths to choose from but I always choose the steep path straight up to the top. From here, you can see all along the coastline, across to Wales as well as inland and over to Dunkery. Another quick cuppa and a biscuit before walking down a circular path to the village, over the Packhorse Bridge then to Gallox Hill and up to Bat’s Castle with more stunning views. Picked up some litter along the way which is always disappointing. I’m not sure why people out for a walk in the countryside, which they must enjoy too, think it’s fine to throw their empty drink can or crisp packet, etc. onto the ground so that people like myself have to pick it up and dispose of it instead! I continued over to Aller Hill then down to walk back across the Deer Park and into the village and back to the car.

A much quicker walk than usual but all helping towards my walk later this week when I will be spending Friday night walking the streets of London for The Big Issue Foundation’s Big London Night Walk.

Today’s stats: 24,632 steps, 10.76 miles, 164 floors climbed and 2922 calories burned.


About keithhunt50

Born and brought up in West Somerset, I am married to Netta and have 2 children, Poppy and Jim. I work as a caretaker of the local village school which I enjoy. I am always busy! We have a large garden which needs looking after and I am secretary of Old Cleeve and District Gardening Club. I help out as a volunteer on the West Somerset Railway either at Dunster Station or on the Quantock Belle Dining Car. I enjoy walking, photography, cooking, travelling, beaches and coastline, islands, mountains in fact, just being in the great outdoors! I am currently busy fundraising for a charity trek later this year in the Himalayas for St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice. Past charity challenges of mine include a 500 mile cycle ride, a solo parachute jump, a pump trolley push on the local railway, London - Brighton Cycle Ride plus a few other things!
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2 Responses to Dunster 3 Peaks

  1. Pumpkintoes says:

    Not everybody’s idea of a night out in London……… Hope it goes well!


    Dunster 3-peaks That sounded like a lovely walk last Sunday Keith, but then we know the area so felt as though we were walking with you! I hope your night on the streets of London go well.  It sounds like it will be warmer at the weekend which will be good for you all.  Love  Jill x

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